Call for Papers

Control Engineering
Adaptive control
Robust control
Process control
Complex systems
Co-operative control
Identification and estimation
Nonlinear systems
Intelligent systems
Networked control systems
Sensor network systems
Neural networks
Control of biological systems
Precision motion control
Control applications
Control engineering education
Automation Engineering and Application
Automatic Control Systems
Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment
Electric Automation
Industrial Automation
Intelligent Automation and Manufacturing
Process automation
Intelligent automation
Home, laboratory and service automation
Network-based systems
Planning, scheduling and coordination
Nano-scale automation and assembly
System Engineering Theory and Practice
Nonlinear systems
Intelligent systems
Logistics and Supply Chain
Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent search
Pattern recognition
Imprecise and uncertain management
Neural networks
Complex systems
Intelligent robotics
Computer vision
Image processing
Perception problems
Soft computing
Intelligent simulation
Genetic algorithm
Intelligent control
Automatic programming
Combined scheduling problem
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